Saturday, January 12, 6 to 11 pm: “zero speed, maximum velocity: new age video jam” A ONE NIGHT VIDEO SPECTACULAR

zerospeedinviteGuest Curator Antonio Mendoza:
“zero speed, maximum velocity: new age video jam”

Saturday, January 12, 6:00 to 11:00 pm
At Groundspace Project
1427 E. 4th St #4, LA 90033

From the poetic to the confrontational, “zero speed, maximum velocity: new age video jam” is a one-night video extravaganza  on Saturday January 15 at Groundspace Project in downtown LA.
The nine  artists featured are Lewis Klahr (LA), Jody Zellen (LA), HK Zamani (LA),  Jimpunk (France), Janie Geiser (LA), Susan Joseph (LA), Brian Mackern (Ururguay), Claudio Castillo (Miami) & Mr. Tamale (LA).
Their work is varied in wildly different ways; from digital  to hand-made; from stop motion animation to time-based, generative paintings .

Lewis Klahr‘s films unspool like Delphic visions or vignettes glimpsed in a crystal ball in which dream, memory, and history are indistinguishable. His work has been part of two Whitney Biennials and most recently was featured in the Drawing Surrealism show at LACMA.
New media artist Jody Zellen‘s digital environments manipulate existing technologies to activate both public and private spaces in a playful relationship between what is seen and what is imagined.
HK Zamani sees his work within the extended field of painting  His performance-based videos address issues of vulnerability and power.
We don’t know who or what French artist Jimpunk is, and we’re no sure what to make out of his/her/their hacked, sampled, scratched, cut-and-paste and media mashworks.
Master puppeteer and world-renown filmmaker Janie Geiser makes poetically lyrical films transport you to a separate reality.
Susan Joseph makes performance-based video and sound montages that play on her internal dialogue in a self-disrupting narrative.
Brian Mackern is a new media artist based in Montevideo, Uruguay, who has shown and performed throughout South America, Europe and Asia.
Claudio Castillo produces generative, non linear animated, reactive paintings that are driven by real time data streams.
The evening will be capped by Alberto Miyares and A. Mendoza who perform as the collective Mr. Tamale and will set loose their retina-melting audio-visual assault with help from musical collaborators.

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