Alex Kritselis: Travelers of Glow and Sorrow, Opens Saturday, Feb 25, 6-9 pm


Alex Kritselis: Travelers of Glow and Sorrow
Opening Reception: Saturday, February 25, 6-9 pm
Artist’s Talk and Closing Reception: Saturday, March 25, 4-6 pm
Exhibition Dates: February 25-March 25, 2017

Alex Kritselis is an artist whose practice I have admired for many years.  Creating art that is always a conjunction of awarenesses, Kritselis captures through his kaleidoscope lens perceptions of his experience and through those perceptions makes art.  No matter the medium, his artwork is always visually rich – but doesn’t necessarily yield to interpretation easily. It’s slow and primarily non-verbal, even as it flirts with semiotics.img_0118

The paintings in Travelers of Glow and Sorrow each represent a moment, each painting caught in a metamorphosis from the painter’s first act, articulating a subject matter, to his second act, obscuring his subject in veils of translucent, gravity ridden paint. The viewer’s participation is in the act of erasure itself, like that moment when the present transforms into the past, a memory soon shrouded in history and myth. These paintings are large scale and epic, almost cinematic in feel.
I am very happy to host Alex Kritselis’ second solo exhibition at Groundspace Project. The first, also a large scale installation, Imperial Eden/After the Dissent, was held in 2013.

Artists’ Statement:

It’s imperative to examine and understand the past, to remember where we came from and the journey we took to arrive where we are today. Through our work we find the passage that takes us to ourselves. From the beginning the eyes of the child see the world, ineffaceable experiences that form the imagination.

My current work continues the ongoing examination of human history’s indelible impact and influence on our modern psyche and physical environment.  In my work I juxtapose incorporeal fragments of thoughts, memories, and universally recognized symbols of civilization over time into dense, almost pixelated, configurations – In my current process I have moved toward fewer but more expansive panels through which to explore and question the same threads that continue to drive my work:  the chronicling of civilizations’ historic and current affairs, socioeconomic quagmires, conflicts, and the collective behavioral patterns they generate—ultimately, man’s ability to spawn narrative and create meaning from fragments.

Groundspace Project is an artist-run alternative space located just east of the 4th Street bridge in downtown Los Angeles.
Exhibition hours are Friday and Saturday, 1-6 pm.

1427 E. 4th St. #4
Los Angeles, CA 90033

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